2016 Resolutions


Hike Alberta
In 2015 my love of the outdoors, and hiking took a big leap. My wife and I had the opportunity to complete some amazing hikes in China and Alberta. In China we conquered the great Mount Huashan. In Alberta, in the Jasper area, we had the chance to take on Cavell Meadows, Angel Glacier and Maligne Canyon. All beautiful short half day hikes with rewarding views. Over the next 12 months I plan to explore more beautiful and longer hikes in the Jasper, Banff and Waterton Lakes Parks.

Disciplined Diet
My biggest weakness is my love for food. This isn’t necessary a bad thing at times, but we all know most tasty foods are not a benefit to the waistline. Towards the end of 2015 I began a low carb diet to move my body to focus on burning fat instead of carbs. I shed some weight fast and noticed a big difference in energy levels. This step is huge for my to complete one of my three key goals for the coming year of completing a half ironman triathlon. My biggest test this year is to stay faithful to my diet to achieve maximum results.

Triathlon Training
70.3 miles (113K)! I’ve set this as one of my three major goals for 2016. This is broken down into 1.2 mile (1.9 km) swim, 56 mile (90 km) bike ride and 13.1 mile (21.1 km) run. I’ve completed the bike and run sections on their own at times, but stringing these together after a 1.9 km swim will pose a huge challenge. Swimming is my weakest discipline that will require the most training. I plan to complete the race in July and will have to stay extremely focused on training and diet.

Write CRSP Designation
One of my other major goals for 2016 is to finally write my CRSP (Canadian Registered Safety Professional) designation. It’s recommended to put in 150 hours studying to complete the exam with a pass. I plan to attend a prep course in mid January to set up my studying breakdown for the next few months to complete this goal.

Learn To Say No
I’m usually pretty easy going and open to trying new things, but i can find myself not using my time usefully to complete what I want in life. I still plan to have fun and enjoy life but need to ensure i’m taking full advantage of my time. Learning to say no is a big step that will pay itself off by keeping me focused.

Build My Brand
Is the end of 2015 I started this website and joined twitter. The plan is to build my brand. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas, both is work and personal life I would like to share. I don’t know the full direction of my brand at this moment. Hopefully with a little trial and error I will be able to better define my personal brand by the end of the year.

Stay Devoted To My Day-Planner
Through long periods of the last year I moved away from my day-planner and just went with the flow. It made me lose focus of my plans and goals, both personal and with business. This year I have bough a “Passion Planner” day planner again to keep me up to date on my day to day,and my longer term goals for the year. It’s a weekly planner well laid out with planning by the half hour, a separate section for personal and business to-do lists and an open section to write notes. I’ve found it very useful and easy to use. Consistency is what is required to find the full value. The big key to completing all my resolutions and goals is to stay true to my day-planner to keep me on track.

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